Sunday, December 16, 2007

Booty shakin' ammo

Okay - Peaceful

I was looking through my iTunes to find some 'good music to chill out to' yesterday afternoon but all I could find was this loud noisy junk. It's either that or August Pablo, whose vibes are maybe a bit too heavy handed as far as the 'laxing out' goes. All I fancy is a happy medium! I need something in the middle! Luckily I found some of that wacky droney folky shit, new from Young God rekkidz, in the form of a band called Fire On Fire. Now, these guys are amazing and all but still, it's not just right, somehow. Blah. Sheesh, I don't know. But listening to Stereolab's Aluminum Tubes makes me remember just why it was pretty much all I listened to for a long time, alongside Sonic Youth, whose Washing Machine I just put on for the first time in like years, wow it's good, same goes for The Clean's Getaway ridiculously good even, not just for nostalgia kixx.

I'm not sure what occasion a new album called Huggable Dust (best album name!) by someone called Okay is but it's probably not best for layin' back on yr balcony with yr XXXX beer, given how melodramatic and emotional it is. His voice is so weird and deliciously damaged and androgynous (but not too much). Actually, probably way too much, it sounds kind of wack really but I love it because it's all fragile and stuff, he's wrapped up under the covers.

The rest of this week here on Rose Quartz is all about the end of year lists. There'll be our own lists of our favourite albums and songs as well as a yuge list of some of our favourite Australian and New Zealand bands' favourite things.


Mel said...

XXXX beer? Oh Richard.

richard said...

it's really not that nice eh