Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Notorious lightning

Destroyer - The Way Of Perpetual Roads

Destroyer is my favourite band but then again so are a lot of other bands, even if I don't have their whole back catalogues. I've got all of Destroyer's now, finally, with the late addition of 2000's Thief now leering out of my speakers, fork-tounged and sardonic and nasal, my second favourite after Rubies, an album that took me a lot of curb my obsession, I never wanted to hear any other Destroyer because how could it possibly be better than a record that's condensed all the best ideas from the past five into something of a greatest hits which is something of a criticism, apparently, from h-core Destroyer fans. Well Thief is really very good and sounds a lot easier on the ear (better production, wider appeal) than the proceeding We'll Build A Golden Bridge and Streethawk: A Seduction.

Destroyer is Dan Bejar and some others and they/he have a new album out in March 2008. It's called Trouble In Dreams and yes, I lost my shit when I heard the the first mp3 from it at Stereogum. Granted, not as good as the stuff on Rubies or Thief but c'mon; new Destroyer!

[Download 'Foam Hands', new track from forthcoming Trouble in Dreams @ Stereogum]

[Destroyer's MySpace]


Carlos said...

Rubies is immense aye. I rate Your Blues fairly highly too, even with it's zany midi-orchestra feel. Much better than New Pornographers.

Funny you should talk 'bout not owning bands' back-catalogues. These days it's hard for me to feel compelled enough by a particular artist to actually want to buy all their gear. It's like there 's too much to listen to, or summat.

Ronnie said...

Streethawk is the best OK

richard said...

totes carlos, there arent many bands whose albums i own all or most of, even if theyre my favs, too much other stuff out there, yr right

ronnies right too. actually all these albums are the best