Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Straight away, I could tell he was a rocker from his sexy attitude and the way he looked at me. Mmmm, he is totally awesome.

The wackness of this band depends on who reads this. I wasn't sure about The Teenagers at first; they leave their shades on at night, wear cravates. They can't see that great because of this but whatever. They're hipsters, but funny hipsters, which is the best sort. Their posteuring is that made up of kistch, music so bad it's good. At least I think that's their vibe; they are French, and apparently over there they mainly just listen to disco or cheesey sexy house music, which could be really good as well but yeah, 'Homecoming' is mainly funny because he's French (not British! LOL) and I'm not sure how many times you'll go back to listen to this (him: "I fucked/my American cousin" her: "I loved/my English romance") but it does sound very rad indeed with those drum machines and spoken lyrics and for the first couple of times, it was wild. She's such a slut.

They're kind of like the French Art Brut; hilarious, self-aware lyrics over actually good songs, 'Make It Happen' being the better song, as such, at the sacrifice of a little hilarity.

[The Teenagers MySpace]


Mel said...

I like them! Like Phoenix meets Art Brut.

richard said...

*you* like them? at least you said that now, before they start playing those plimsoul indie parties. hehe

DiscGoIsUm said...

Take a pen / Write it down / I love The Teenagers!