Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Dreams I have had over the last few nights

1). Either video footage or me sitting in on a radio broadcast of the TinyMixTapes editor (who I have never met) and someone else doing a Valentine's day special about mixtapes. This actually happened on NPR but I never heard it or saw any footage. This was mildly confusing.

2). I either actually was Batman or just playing as Batman in a videogame where I had to run away from The Joker along a street; he was running through buildings and shooting at me from different windows and I had to shoot back at him with a laser pointer kind of thing (at least that's how it felt in the dream) but he was laughing and being all Heath Ledger. I think maybe I dreamt about this because I keep playing too many videogames and that day I was wearing a Batman t-shirt and I am bummed about Heath Ledger.

3). My housemate left his bedroom door open in the middle of the night and I woke up to go to the toilet and he was about to jump like a sexual Cougar from his dresser (in the corner of his room) onto this girlfriend while exclaiming something like 'HERE I COME!!!'. This was severely confusing when I actually did wake up to go to the toilet.

4). I owned a ring on which instead of a jewel there was a little glass box (about 2x3 cm in size) filled with water, holding a sea monkey. It seemed bigger than a usual sea monkey. It was kind of like those disco platform shoes with the goldfish in them but this sea monkey was actually still alive.

5). Watching two chameleons swallowing eachother like snakes; one would swallow the other and then unswallow it and then the other one would swallow the other one and so on (back and forth, forever)

6). I was in England and Robert Wyatt was there and I had to push him around in his wheelchair and look after him in this strange little cottage in the country. He was jovial and funny, but it was really sad because despite the enormously brave face he put on he seemed real sad. I'm pretty sure Robert Wyatt isn't really like this (I've never met the man) and I'm not sure why I dreamed it but it was one of those weird long epic dreams that you don't want to end.


andrew said...

beat this:

i had a dream two nights ago when i was a detective "cracking down" on an underground paedophile ring called "inverse elephant"

andrew said...

i still think the weird dream i've ever had though was having a long coversation with prince william and prince harry.

absolutely straight... just talking to them for a few hours - no purple unicorns or anything.

harry told me he was into janis joplin and then explained that a recent headline about him - this shows how old this is - "harry pothead" - was actually a play on the words "harry potter". i didn't get this joke until the dream.

the magickal knowledge you can eke from thee dream realm!

Mel said...

These dreams are all awesome. My favourite is your "sexual cougar" housemate.

My dreams are rarely witty or insightful, they are usually just stress-filled playings-out of scenarios from my real life. This was a notable exception.

Running Still said...

That's some awesome dreams!

I just actually came back from hanging with Robert Wyatt in the north of England. We're a band and went to meet him. It was amazing!
He's not sad at all, he's a beautiful spirit!
It's so great that you had a dream about him. Not enough people know who he is... Let's spread the word about Robert!


richard said...

ahh nice andrew. yr always the one withthe strange dreams. do you write them down? i always mean to but can rarely remember.

i hope my housemate doesnt read this! (dan?)

and yeah, re: robert wyatt. im not sure why i had the dream, but i did a really interesting interview with him on the phone a few months ago. he was so nice, the interview was at around 7am and i was sleepy but he made me laugh so much, his spirit is certainly easy to see!