Thursday, May 08, 2008

Rules for being alive

The Hospitals - This Walls

The Hospitals - Scan The Floor For Food

The site that I downloaded this album Hairdryer Peace from described this music as 'uncomfortable' but I was listening to it and was thinking 'nah it's not really that uncomfortable', but that was only at the start of the album, when I neared the end of it I realised that it did make me feel a little awkward and that it's about love and people and being afraid and San Francisco and that time where you held a baby Crocodile in yr arms and that time where you played Have You Ever and someone was like 'have you ever slurped on yr own jerk' and you were like 'wtf'. It's not just the terrible quality of recording but the way the songs actually do crumble apart (i.e. 'This Walls') like the tapes burning up. But there is that whole idea with the bad recording thing that "if they don't care then why should we?" but if you ask me it's more than just a barricade to hide yr lousy musical skillz, it's sonically interesting and something I always enjoy, the way a song doesn't just wobble like it's about to fall to pieces but actually does right there in front of yr ears.

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Philippe said...

Dude, I love your writing, but you need to use sentences a bit better.

Hope all's well in NZ 'chard

richard said...

lol what

Philippe said...

Yeah I know - I'm weird