Monday, May 12, 2008


I'm starting to do some radio again as of Wednesday (14/5) here in Christchurch. It's a new show called The Wire, which is an hour of new music, predominantly of the weird, bloggy sort of ilk like you'd find here or elsewhere on the interwebs. If yr in Christchurch it's on RDU 98.5FM and if not, you can stream online HERE. It's on at 12-1pm NZT, two hours ahead of Australia but the rest of the world, well, you'll have to use one of those snazzy time converters. I'll put the playlist up here very week too.


ella said...

snot block, I can totally listen in my pre-class seminars! The Wire, on the wireless!

richard said...

yeah its a great name, except, its even more wireless if its on the internet, or, maybe less wireless, if you have wireless internet