Wednesday, June 11, 2008


Metal Rouge - Desert Champion

Metal Rouge, aka Helga Fassonaki and Andrew Scott, are from Auckland, New Zealand, but now they live in Los Angeles, USA. Their origins/locale don't have to be known to me for this track (Side B of their new cassette) to sound like imagined Hollywood mythologies, stretched into 15 minutes of visceral grimed gutters and held taught with a particular sort of intensity that despite tricked out or manipulated weird Eastern instruments screeching and wailing and blazing overtop a gruel of lower tones, it's never too much; there is unrest, but somehow it's just right. There are turkish priests with swords and big erections, distant beats, snake venom, dragons, ladies that dry clean yr coats with cigarette smoke, but even at the peaks of 'Desert Champion's garbagey sonics and blanked out doom, a balance is somehow achieved between the compelling and the oppressive.

[Buy Storm Veil/Desert Champion @ Not Not Fun]

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