Monday, July 21, 2008


Jay Reatard - Fluorescent Grey

Deerhunter - Oh It's Such A Shame

I just got back from a five days in Scotland to sunny Newcastle Upon Tyne, where there seems to be a shit tonne of cover bands but only paying homage to either AC/DC or Led Zeppelin, all with endearing/hilariously British play-on-colloquialism names like 'Why Aye C/DC' or just lame ones like 'Letz Zep'. I always thought the best thing about covers is to put yr own spin on an existing song and if that' the point then this split 7" brings idiosyncrasies of both bands to the front as they cover eachothers' songs. Deerhunter slap a late 90s indie vibe onto Jay Reatard's squiggly pop/punk and dunk it in their signature mushroom tea and it eventually runs off into a driving 'Nothing Ever Happened'-style bliss out with the original punky serated edges smoothed by psychedelic wash. Jay Reatard's take on 'Fluorescent Grey' holds all original's tension in his nervous and claustrophobic faux-threatening 'patient-leh patient-lehhh!!!' vocals coming to a climax as the chorus kicks in and dropping off just as it does to embark on swirling narcotic clouds ala Deerhunter, less pop/punk slam and more psych, surprising in a different way again from each new 7" he puts out.

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