Thursday, September 18, 2008


Blank Dogs - Setting Fire To Your House

Blank Dogs put out a really great album this year but I kind of killed it by having it on in my car whilst I got stuck in the worst 'traffic jam' that Christchurch could offer (it actually meant I had to sit there waiting in my mum's Hyundai for freakin ages, long enough at least for the album to play out in full) and basically I haven't listened to their album since even though the muffled/retarded Ian Curtis-through-blender styles seemed totally pumping to me on my car trip up until that point. Actually I do believe I put the CDR on at my friend's house one time on their DVD player with a blue screen and my friends were kind of like WTF for some reason even though it sounded particularly good coming out of the tinny TV speakers and I thought that this quasi-dark no-wave was right up their alley or at least it sounded (if you listen hard enough) like something else you might like only buried under blankets and girls with red hair.

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[Buy Setting Fire To Your House 7" from 4:2:2 Records]

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