Thursday, October 23, 2008


So it's pretty fucking gross in Sydney at the moment. I read something about the coldest October day in forever or something like that. Anyway, I'm a believer. Add to that one bitch of a wind and rain falling down willy-nilly and you have a rock-solid recipe for a massively contented feeling when you're sitting on the bus, watching all the schmucks battling through the elements with their eyes screwed up and their hair getting blown all the way back. Awesome. If you add this song by Captains, the whole thing kind of turns into a Benny Hill sketch with dudes in suits running around slightly too fast. Maybe. Try it out, anyway. "Out Of Focus" sounds like it could not possibly be played by anyone other than four gents in wayfarer shades and sideburns. I don't if that's actually the case with Captains, but I do know that it's pretty dang hard to hate a band that are this committed to Madness and four on the floor bass drum beats.

I realise there are some for whom that description spontaneously gave them shingles AND psoriasis. Well, eat shit.

[Captains MySpace]

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