Thursday, October 23, 2008


Beaches - Sandy

Beaches - Field of Dreams

It has taken me AGES to finally hear these babes; I've been hearing numerous and various reports of their absolute vibage and several listens to their new (debut) record proves that their jams are all real choice. Though it does sometimes sweat like a delirious, humid Australian day, it’s not as tropical a sound as I had expected (or as the name might suggest). Or, if yr a Bette Midler fan (or just really into her film Beaches), it’s not as romantic, either. Their emotions are muted like the early 90s American indie and 80s New Zealand Flying Nun lo-fi of which they're clearly big fans, preferring long and hazy and distorted meanders.

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tess said...


but is this a typo, sir? "Though it does sometimes sweat like a delirious, humid day Australian day"

suspect you've got too many days, but nonetheless thanks for thinking of us in all our sweaty early summer glory.

cletus_buckley said...

sweet sounds, thanks for the heads up.

richard said...

thanks for the heads up fact checkin cuz. it was a typo but now i've fixed it. i like yr candles blog btw! yr like 20 blog years behind though