Monday, October 13, 2008


Cloud Control - Death Cloud
[*mp3 removed at managerial request]

Um, wow. Not to take anything away from Cloud Control, but up until now these guys have hit me with a pretty severe case of Friend-of-a-friend's-band-itis, which is this terrible disease that affects folky indie pop bands and makes me completely ambivalent to anything they do because I overcompensate for everyone around me telling me that they're pretty good. It's close-minded and unconstructive, I know, but I'm working on it.

Anyway, 'wow' because Death Cloud is bona-fide indie pop gold. Hello, production values! Hello, distinct (and catchy!) verse, chorus, middle eight and bridge sections (seriously, I like lo-fi, but different bits are what make a song a keeper)!

Perhaps most importantly of all, I like that Cloud Control are throwing in hi-hat rolls and exuberant basslines and yet don't sound like part of the Modular revolution. TAKE THE POWER BACK!

[Cloud Control MySpace]

[Buy Death Cloud 7" from Remote Control]

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Brian said...

thanks for posting some more Clouds. there really isn't enough posted about this band. pretty cool song too.