Monday, October 20, 2008


Well, I like it. I guess when people found out that Dave Rennick from Dappled Cities was recording a fuzzily conceptual concept album with a local supergroup they were expecting something even more bombastic than Granddance, which is why when it turned out to be a sweet l'il assortment of lullabies and polkas they ran to their blogs, street press and high falutin' review sites to bitch about their BLOWN MINDS. Don't look into the whole Leo Magnets theme too rigorously; it's kind of weak plus unnecessary because there's enough killer trax to just cruise on through savouring the moments. Actually, don't look into the supergroup thing too much either, because this is basically all about Rennick (that's fine, because there's nothing that'll harsh a supergroup quicker than songs-by-committee). I'll say this: they could have stood to turn up Sarah Kelly's vocals a little, seeing as how they're BEST EVER, and also I was disappointed not to find a Kelly/Jack Ladder duet of "Let's Call The Whole Thing Off". Shit, can you imagine? WASTED. OPPORTUNITY.

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Michaella said...

I never tell you but I love this blog!

richard said...

thanks i luv yr gardens tooo!!! the grey ones