Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Wavves - Wavves

Wavves - Side Yr On

What's with everything being about the beach these days eh. HOW, more importantly, does Wavves blast his beach anthems when it's just him playing all those instruments, when he has his arms flailed way up in the air like he's riding a roller coaster and his eyes soooo wide open that he probably can't even see his guitar(s) anymore. He's got sand all up in his amps and his tape player and probz in his tighty whiteys too, that's why he's wriggling around so much. Sometime's he just sits in the sand and looks out at the water and is all like 'shit yall...just woah' BUT MOSTLY IT'S JUST REAL GNARLY, shredding hacky sack style all over yr sunburn.

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