Monday, October 06, 2008


I had this ridiculous train of thought this morning about how these dudes majorly remind me of being a bit sad in university, getting into all the high emotion on Wait Long By The River..., totally connecting with "Shark Fin Blues" and "Sitting On The Edge Of The Bed Cryin'", then realising how much of a pussy that makes me and then making the totally rational leap to how bad shit is for youths in Africa, who have to climb over mountains and trek through bad zones and deserts after they finish school so they can maybe hitch a ride on a boat from Senegal to Europe to work menial jobs and send their money home. Boy did I feel pretty bad for feeling sorry for myself.

That's not really The Drones' fault, though. They're consistently excellent, but the new album, Havilah, is probably the best they've released since Wait Long By The River.... It sounds like they've reined in the shambolic freakery a little bit, which is fine by me. Hopefully that carries over live. I get a little bit frustrated when Gareth forsakes words.

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dronethumbnailmajor said...

oh my is a bloody good song!

i'll be stuck here with you wookies eating fortune cookies!

Anonymous said...

This song reminds me of The Road.