Thursday, October 09, 2008


Australia’s funkiest Pole, Cornel Wilczek, names his new single after a type of xxxtra-strong (and gross) black tea which is meant to taste “similar to the smell of a campfire or of Latakia pipe tobacco”, which still doesn’t explain why anyone would want to drink it, so thanks for nothing, Wikipedia. Anyway, I guess it’s not easy to come up with names for an album’s worth of songs when you can’t just rip lines from the chorus, but all the same, I don’t know WTF lapsang souchong has to do with this song. Here’s words I brainstormed about both.

Tea: Chinese, Smoke, Vomitatious, Does anyone have some gum

Song: Synths, Sleek beats, Four tet, Excellent

So there’s not a lot of crossover there. I sincerely hope he didn’t just name it that because, like, he was really into lapsang souchong at the time, because that’s so incredibly boring and not really befitting of a song this rad.

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