Wednesday, October 29, 2008


OKAY GUYS, this tropical stuff has been taking over my life and I need to lock it down. Not that any obsessions with High Places, Wavves, Beaches, Holy Shit, Abe Vigoda, El Guincho, Lucky Dragons, or any of the below artists who channel a similar beach/sun god are going to end any time soon, but seriously, what's with all the palm trees in my headphones? All the polyrhythms and bubbles, they're all like that picture up the top there and it's a bit of an overload for this blog and my iTunes and I'm seeking and island, oh, wait, no, not an island, but a mountain or volcano or something. So anyway, because I'm so cool and exclusive I was talking on the phone to Juan from Abe Vigoda the other day (for an interview for +1 Magazine, should be out (free) in stores real soon if yr in the UK) and he was saying all the music he's been liking lately has had this gritty tropical euphoria ie. even Fucked Up's super hardcore roots have been tinged with space/palm trees/glitter as well as the usual blood. Does it come from concrete city life? Global warming? AGHHH. Here's a bumper compendium of the tropicale shit.

Coconot - Verbena De Los Delfines

I kind of feel that El Guincho and Coconot's similarities to Animal Collective are kind of like the similarities between Eagle vs Shark and Napoleon Dynamite; mostly accidental and out of shared interests. Like these films' proclivations to the quirky and daggy, Pablo Diaz Reixa and Animal Collective gravitate to the ecstatic and weirdly human.

[Coconot MySpace]

[Buy Cosa Astral from Bcore Disc]

Palms - Agniezska

Haha. I'm just tripping; this isn't even tropical, it's called Palms, though, and the album is called Midnight in Honolulu, which is pretty darn apt, cos it sounds like the time I went (nearly) naked swimming on a beach that wasn't in Honolulu because we ran for like 500 metres before the ocean floor wasn't all muddy and sticky between our toes and before it was more than (almost)waist deep.

[Palms MySpace]

[Buy Midnight in Honolulu from Rare Book Room]

Ducktails - Let's Rock The Beach

Here's a picket fenced backyard romp through sprinklers and Bill and Sam and Neil are getting excited, letting loose (because you get a girl to laugh, you get a girl to love) and flailing arms. Then, back inside for snacks and D&D. Awesome.

[Ducktails MySpace]

[Buy from Ducktails Tapes]

Reefer - Let It Go

I had this real sexy dream about two of my friends and me hanging on the beach, all lens flarey and hazy. It was in Sydney at bizzarro Bronte and it was sooo warm and sandy and I could hear the ocean woosh like this Reefer album all blue moony and Tahitian which felt strange because when was the last time you heard stuff in yr dreams?

[Reefer MySpace]

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shea said...

don't ever stop blogging, please.

Dot Eyes said...

oh man, your right on it.

this stuff is the best!

richard said...

shea i read yr blog more than you read mine
i read it at work
on my rss feeder

also word dot eyes!!!!

tess said...

i want to hear more about the (almost) naked.

and the sandy sandy dreams...