Sunday, November 30, 2008


Former Moscow Schoolboy frontwoman Jess Cornelius gets all strident on this track from her debut solo record as Teeth & Tongue. Her old band were always pretty big news amongst people who saw them live. If you aren’t among the lucky few, their recorded output is the kind of thing where you can see where they were going and you appreciate their influences, but it just doesn’t WIN as much as you want it to.

Teeth & Tongue is different. It’s fairly thrilling stuff; the Siouxsie Sioux delivery and nervy guitars get a nice little apocalyptic feel happening, and then when the chorus kicks in, well, if you can get through it without putting one foot on the nearest table, raising a fist to the heavens and bellowing “I’M GONNA COME FROM NOWHERE, KID!”, you need to loosen the tie, pal.

Monobasic was produced by Casey Rice (Dirty Three, Pikelet, Guy Blackman) and features dudes from Bird Blobs, the Ned Collette Band and Actor/Model so basically I’d recommend it if you like INDIE ROCK.

[Teeth & Tongue MySpace]

[Buy Monobasic from Crystal Chain/Inertia]

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Anonymous said...

worth a few listens. i wanted this one to win more than it did.
I didn't know it was such an indie all star line up tho!