Monday, December 01, 2008


OK, I’m calling it. Wolf & Cub: thanks for the good times, but your services are no longer necessary. Go on, fellas. Pack up the drumkits. The Wolf- revolution is over, and we officially don’t need you to support, uh, EVERYONE who tours Australia anymore. Congrats on scoring the TV On The Radio gig (again)(wtf??), but look, I care a lot for those dudes, and I don’t want them thinking that Australian talent only extends to kinda psychedelic-ish rock bands playing mildly memorable rock songs. With two drummers.

It’s great that you trekked out to Braidwood to record your new track with the dude from the Bumblebeez. Actually, it shows dedication similar to the bit in Kill Bill where Uma goes up the mountain with the crusty old guy, because Braidwood sucks, and I’ve heard Chris Colonna is a massive jerk. So it’s real close like that. And you know what? The new sound suits you. At the very least, it sounds slightly less awkward on you than anything ever has, so well done. Unfortunately, Seven Sevens is still boring, and I feel like that’s a recurring problem that should have been addressed before you landed a deal with 4AD and released several records.

I understand if it’s hard to let go. It’s probably been fun playing shows with Queens Of The Stone Age and Death From Above 1979, and I bet that gig in London with The Breeders for 4AD’s birthday was a blast. The thing is, though, I’m tired of yawning it up at gigs I’ve been looking forward to because I arrived early thinking “maybe Wolf & Cub will be good this time!” So let’s call it even. No more wall-to-wall support slots, no more snarky blog posts, no hard feelings, k?

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Murdoch said...

Ha interesting blog. I first came across W&C when I saw them support TVOTR in Sydney the first time around. Most of the crowd seemed pretty stoic but I was rocking up a storm as I was a 'little' intoxicated and their sound was really doing it for me.

Ended up hanging out with them and TVOTR till the early hours of the morn in some Kings Cross pub, and the two W&C dudes I spoke to seemed nice enough.. although I got an inkling the lead singer had a bit of chip.

Bought the W&C album which grew on me but never reached much more than 'some killer some filler'. Saw them at the Zoo in Brisbane (home town) later and was a bit "hmmm not as good as last time".

Saw them again at Valley Studios in Brisbane earlier this year and it was probably the worst sounding gig I've ever been to. So much so that I seriously couldn't subject myself to the awful noise and had to leave after a few songs... something I've never done before. I wasn't the only one either. I imagine the sound guy and venue acoustics had something to do with it, but not everything.

Being a big TVOTR fan I'm again flying down to Sydney just to see their side show next year, and much like you, I figured OK I'll give W&C one more chance. Sadly I have an inkling that yes I may just be wasting my time.. we'll see.

Anonymous said...

HARSH, but oddly, fair.
Why did they work with Chris Bumblebee? There's way too much going on here.