Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Magic Lantern - Vampires In Heat

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. My laptop stopped working, but that means I've got a new Macbook, cool eh? And what better place to listen to some canyoned psych dirge from California (where else?). Not that new though, but newly re-issued in a run of 500 LPs thanks to Woodsist. This jam is wet and dusty and quite a relief after the 15 minute reverb burner that precedes it, not that it's harsh vibes or anything, just kind of like real freaky outy in that move to a shack near some desert with one solar panel and just focus on the music bro kind of way, where you'd soak up the spaces and let the world/universe seep in. Umm, but not actually, that's someone else cos these (maybe) wear tons of flannel and have electricity that powers people's lounges in which they can play on faded persian rugs. Sorry, whatever. It glistens real strong and looks like hologram duraseal beneath all the smoke.

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