Wednesday, December 03, 2008


These guys have always been an excellent punk band but this song is so hard and tight that you’re gonna require extreme concentration if you don’t want to reverse-age back to sixteen years old and start a circle pit wherever you are. AWKWARD. Middle Eastern Distributor is the opening track from their new record, Asp, which looks like one My Disco! album and, in a convoluted way, kind of shares a production aesthetic with the other (both Asp and My Disco’s Paradise were produced by a member of Shellac; Bob Weston and Steve Albini, respectively). The difference is that where My Disco! are abstract and minimalist, Blacklevel Embassy are lyrically clever and more given to rocking the fuck out, which I personally find admirable. I mean, I’m inclined to get behind any punk band that cites Hot Snakes, Hard-Ons and AC/DC, but these guys are actually worth it. If you’re in Melbourne and you’re seeing them play with The Bronx, you’re an excellent human being. Congratulations.

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