Wednesday, January 07, 2009


Rose For Bohdan - Before The Bible

Don't mean to be all blog superlative and shit but this is kind of amazing, a couple of the bros from Foot Village (+ others) and it's like those drum kits of theirs' turned into guitar's with three necks, wailing and getting pulverized against their muddy man made walls. Keeping a similar kind of fucked up/hilarious humanism to those villagers, they shout their rules out and pour guitar riffs out of shower heads. Usually things that you get for free aren't that good but seriously sometimes working really hard for stuff and feeling fulfilled is way overrated, kind of an illusion really, like the feeling you get when you finish writing an essay, yr like 'woah, that was totally fulfilling', but actually, you just had to write 3000 words about medieval art or renaissance poetry or some shit. Anyway, Rose For Bohdan embody precisely what the phrase 'off the chain' means/connotes for me. What I mean, though, about free stuff, is you can download this whole record for free if you can figure out how to get there (follow the link below) and I would highly recommend you do and then sit real tight for the upcoming Foot Village record.

[Rose For Bohdan MySpace]

[Download There It Is, The Creeping Moral Decay of the Past Thousand Years at Deathbomb Arc]

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