Monday, February 16, 2009


Look, I don’t know. I had to listen to this track like 15 times just to figure out where I stood on it, and I’m still not sure. I appreciate the fact that there’s these young dudes from Sydney who are jamming out on hook-heavy lo-fi pop. It’s fun, it’s energetic, there are doot-doot-doos in the chorus, and it feels super mean to rag on anyone who’s listened to this much Madness. Conversely, well, did we learn nothing from Vampire Weekend? I mean, really? I thought that if there was one thing we could take from 2008, it’s that while Paul Simon might be kitsch as fuck, he’s also kinda annoying. Don’t get me wrong. I enjoy Vampire Weekend and this megastick fanfare track is kinda cool and I bet they’re great dudes and killer live and everything. It’s just that, listening to this track, I feel like I did after I saw Benjamin Button. Shit, there’s Brad Pitt as an old baby! And now it's Brad Pitt as a middle-aged gent! As good as megastick fanfare might be, their major influences are so prominent you start thinking about how that break sounds exactly like a bit in “Blake’s Got A New Face” when you should actually be thinking about how badass it all is.

CHECK OUT HOW BALANCED MY REPORTING ON THIS MATTER IS: I sent my discerning pal Matt a txt saying "bro what do you like about megastick fanfare" and this was his reply:
Haha i havent heard them on record but live they just remind me of animal collective. Nothing original, but good fun.
There you have it. And who doesn't like good fun?

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Anonymous said...

naka naka naka. shoo shoo shoo.

Anonymous said...

i think they have this great rich sound. i can totally see the vampire weekend connection..
but its a bit of a loose one. i have seen them live a few times. last time i saw them at the hoey they sounded so so tight it was almost different music.