Monday, February 16, 2009


Dan Deacon - Padding Ghost

FUUUUCKKK well we all knew Dan Deacon's pop was always built out of one hundred percent real joy but where some of his previous tracks may've had their awesomeness outdone by that massive positive ambition, all the new jams on Bromst are ten hundred percent off the chain, smitten with a denser set of squiggled electronic colour bursts and sprawled elfin terrains and jetpack boosts, all of which add up (alongside big booty bass) for honestly the best dance/pop tracks around. Tony Robbins should give up those power braces and make everyone listen to this shit and its way good cross-pollination of positivity and musical genius. It's actually weirder than ever too, even for Deacon, blissing way out into sudden otherworldly vocal spirits on 'Wet Wing' and then OH GOLLY it drops back onto the dance floor canopied by everyone's arms like a snake tunnel.

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