Sunday, February 22, 2009


The press release for this single is massively into the metaphor of Lost Valentinos as modern day Conquistadors and there is some seriously flowery language at work here (“Banded together in a studio in the port city of Sydney, they record their tales of adventure, quest, hope and despair”) but guess what? This track actually rules a little bit. Surprising, since I kind of thought that the grandiose press release was a sure sign that Lost Valentinos had caught wanker off Nick Littlemore. In fact, this Weird Tapes remix rules a lot, with its dinky synth beats and dreamy vox and rad ‘90s club breakdown halfway through. I realise that those ingredients make this track sound like it is destined for LATE NIGHT CHILL-OUT MIX VOL.43648236 but it’s exactly weird enough to work.

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