Friday, February 20, 2009


Nite Jewel - Lover

Nite Jewel's disco has the carpet from her lounge and it's got a couple of cigarette burns and a coffee stain and her romanticism is on the mantlepiece, set against Miami beach sunset through a parked car dusty windscreen with Human League tapes that got a bit warped when they got left in the sun and both sides started to play together. One time the coffee jug got left on and when she went back into the kitchen all that was in the jug was a coffee crystal, a kind of translucent shimmery brown.

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[Buy Good Evening from Human Ear Music]


Georgia said...

this post reminds me of something. perhaps a conversation that may not have happened yet. remember in the state of new york, a verbal contract is binding.

richard said...

yeah dawg i absolutely completed my part of the contract, you mightve got too high to remember, but thats actually illegal in new york anyway

gervin said...

"Good Evening" fucking rules bro.