Wednesday, February 18, 2009


How the fuck do you pick a highlight from an Akron/Family album? This freak-folk gem was sandwiched between an eight-minute tribal/punk/brass band epic (from now on you can’t call something an epic unless it has both tribal chanting AND a brass band solo) and three minutes of fuzzed-out noise rock. BUT OF COURSE! Many Ghosts is classic Akron/Family, though, super-sweet and melodic and it’s only on the second or third listen that you pick up on the weird little string samples and kettle drum flourishes. It also features the trademark Akron/Family nonsensical singalong moments (how good was “Ed is a portal! And damned if we don’t try!”?) in the chorus: “I have held on to many ghosts, many ghosts!” These small-town bros are releasing album number four, Set ‘Em Wild, Set ‘Em Free in May. Shit yeah.

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Anonymous said...

This song is awesome. I was lost in a reverie the first time I heard it. Thanks for the post.