Wednesday, February 18, 2009


Vibes - Honeycomb/Spirit Soul/Understand This/Body [Carry Me]

Vomming voodoo James Brown chunks but mostly it just sounds like that night at the party where Bobby left it all the way until four in the morning before 'GETTING [HIS] SAX ONNNNN' and skronking it on top of that Frankie Knuckles track and then later and more ironically over Bollywood film dance scenes. Yeah, it was kind of wild but it felt jumbled and a bit joyous, especially after deciding to move away out of the chair that was directly in line with the new and special disco lights that Tom had bought (only 60 quid like) and deciding just to have 'youth oriented fun' and dance 'The Carlton' rather than the charleston.

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gervin said...

Among the best lo-fi freak-out shit I've ever heard in my life.