Sunday, February 08, 2009


We really like Eddy Current Suppression Ring here at Rose Quartz, so when the first eva ECSR side-project, Ooga Boogas, dropped a SURPRISE ALBUM on us last year we went crazy with expectations of revolutionary, bonerfying genius beyond compare and that. WHAT THE SHIT?, we thought, THESE BROS HAVE BARELY RELEASED TWO ALBUMS AND ALREADY THEY ARE BRANCHING OUT AND EXPERIMENTING WITH DIFFERENT NAMES AND LESS-GLOVED SINGERS. (Truth: NO ONE in Ooga Boogas wears gloves.)

Virile riffage. Sludgefest ’08. The album, Romance and Adventure, was pretty decent lo-fi punk action that ended up doing OK in some end-of-year lists on the “BLOGOSPHERE”. It also sounded more or less how you’d expect, not that there’s anything wrong with that.

[Ooga Boogas MySpace]

Imagine my surprise, if you will, when I copped a listen to the NEW new side project from Eddy Current. I think it’s Eddy Current’s new side project, anyway, but I’m pretty fucking confused because he’s calling himself Mikey Squires now and wearing fishnet bodysuits. WTF.

He’s teamed up with Max Crumbs, a dude who is probably best known for his work in the field of ‘beats’ with Catcall for example. They call themselves Brain Children (nice) and they sound awesomely like nothing you’d expect.

DO NOT EXPECT: Punk rock, power chords, tuneless singing.
DO EXPECT: Ultra-toasty vintage synths, falsetto vox, delicately funky rhythms.

To reduce the complex recipe of influences that have gone into all three of these outfits to a single sentence, it’s like Eddy Current went from the Saints to the Birthday Party (which makes sense) to Stereolab (which doesn’t). But it rules. You rule, Eddy Current. I look forward to liking you more in future.

[Brain Children MySpace]

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