Tuesday, February 24, 2009


OK, fucking nice. There is so much I like about this song I am basically a time bomb waiting to force someone near to me to listen to it while asking them a stack of annoying questions, all of which are “Do you love it? Huh? Huh?” Instead, I’m going to try to save a friendship by doing exactly that with you, Internets: PREPARE FOR MY LIVEBLOG OF GANACHE’S “IN PIDGIN”.

(FYI: Ganache is the solo project of Thom Stylinski, the seven-foot magical giant from The Whiskers. His EP is A Halter Pardon Him And Hell Gnaw His Bones! and it’s out next month.)


00:07: “The country spaceman’s a hell of a guy – but he’s shy.” Best opening line ever? It IS when it’s delivered in a casually suave baritone like this.

00:22: Surprise four-part harmony!

00:30: Fuck, bro’s just dropped in the ultra-sincere Brit-rock piano chords. It’s like Stephin Merritt jamming out with Dido’s band except he packed his own drum machine. And this is coinciding with “Calamity Jane is a hell of a gal, but she’s trouble – reeeeeeeeeal trouble”?? ARE YOU A GENIUS, THOM STYLINSKI?

00:42: I can’t even express how much I love excessive harmonies on inconsequential lines. “BUT SHE’S NOT! Blowing smoke, no, no, no she’s not.”

00:57: Oh, the greatest synth sound ever is stopping by to say hi. Cool, man. Good to see you.

01:47: “There’s not a molecule in the atmosphere / As wild as you or this party we’re going to.” Relaxed yet earnest left-field expressions of love? Ganache are going to help me be the best boyfriend ever.

2:20: Hey Ganache, how are you going to end my new favourite song? With an organ and theremin duet? Oh, k. Thanks for the good times.

[Ganache MySpace]

[A Halter Pardon Him And Hell Gnaw His Bones! available from Awkwardcore Records in March]


Michaella said...

this just may be my favourite post of all time

Arthur said...


Thought you'd be interested to hear that we released the full Ganache EP earlier this week on awkwardcore.com. Let us know what you think!

By the way, what does a guy gotta do to get his record label listed in your sidebar?

Take care,
Awkwardcore Records