Monday, February 02, 2009


BOOM. YES. This was exactly what my afternoon needed. Sleep School call it slow-fi, which is just so darn on the ball and well done to them for taking the initiative. Really, the reason this song has locked into my brain so hardcore is because it’s 4pm, I’m at work, and I am no longer able to resist its heavy duty hypnotic properties. On their MySpace page, Sleep School list Panda Bear, Air, The Beatles and Boards of Canada among their influences, but what’s really going on here is Sea Change-era Beck, and maybe he’s sat down at Brightblack Morning Light’s campfire for some S’mores. The reverb on the acoustic guitars is cranked all the way up, the bass drum audibly overloads on each beat and Sleep School just take their fucking time, ambling through some badass harmonies and not making a big deal about the seriousness of the climax they’re building to until you have to stop whatever you’re doing and just appreciate.

FYI: The two dudes from Sleep School, Joel Werner and Ryan Lagerstrom, play/ed in other bands like Richard In Your Mind and I [love] Space. The debut EP, Blue Attack, which this track is lifted from, is out soon.

[Sleep School MySpace]

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