Sunday, February 15, 2009


Leader Cheetah – The Explorer
[mp3 removed at label request]

It’s like the klassik surf-rock bros who did the theme to Hawaii Five-O decided to settle down in a real palatial bungalow in 1975 with Neil Young and just cut loose. I can’t believe how right this song is. There’s that amazing twanging bass, spotlessly clean guitar licks with the reverb poured on like honey and rumbling toms with meticulous attention payed to the hi-hat and it’s all over in two and a half minutes. FUCK. At other times on their debut record, Leader Cheetah get a little bit ponderous, a little bit Interpol (not in a bad way), a little bit long-winded, but when they quit concentrating on writing long-lost 90s anthems and get back to their punk roots they are COMPLETELY unstoppable. Maybe for their next record they can get someone to just stand in the corner and throw up the horns every now and then.

[The Sunspot Letters out in March thru Spunk!]

[Leader Cheetah MySpace]

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