Wednesday, February 11, 2009


James Ferraro - Genie Head Gas In The Tower Of Dreams Part Five

I know that this guy releases pretty much everything he makes on cassettes and CDRs (a good thing) but it doesn't make it any easier to wrap ears/heads around this messed up mysticism and weirdly crystalline memory cassettes and half opaque purple dreams that culminate as sounds made of unknown origins and that always seem to sound like they only reason they came about was cos the dream catcher above yr bed got all frosty in over night when you tried to listen to the marble surf but had to turn it off cos it sounded like school/pasty green vinyl floors.

[Buy Genie Head Gas In The Tower Of Dreams (Jesters Midnight Toys) from Volcanic Tongue]


elliotte rose said...

You know this blog has introduced me to some amazing new music. I'm always on the hunt for some great new musicians! Thanks for that!
And thanks for the compliments of my photo's - i appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

its important to know that james uses no samples in his music from other artist. he creates all of the sounds himself from scratch using old digital samplers/synths and weird keyboards and stuff blending things together. besides using some beavis and butthead straight of the T.V. I read in a italian magazine interview last week, it was cool to hear that because I was under the impression he sampled alot of his material, really adds a really cool dimension knowing that its all from scratch. he was being interviewed from his apartment in las vegas at the time september of last year.

richard said...

that's pretty staggering mr anon. he's achieved this amazing feeling of new age tapes dug up in a thrift store run by a lady with a purple/grey perm and a crystal ball. i was under the impression that he sampled a lot of the stuff too, so yes, crafting that sort of vibe is no mean feat. it goes both ways, i mean, ive been messing around with this sampler and some keyboards lately and the possibilities are scarily unlimited sometimes, so channeling it so succintly is pretty awesome. mad propz james ferraro!