Thursday, March 12, 2009


FUCK. This is like Nashville being beamed from the space station to the astronauts’ ears, it’s Yo La Tengo from down the corridor and ‘round the bend, it’s the Beatles through a wet dishcloth, it’s souped up, freaked out, tuned in, Black Moth Super Rainbow and the Flaming Lips and the Boss, it’s foreign and beautiful, like the first time you heard and understood pop music. Julian Lynch has just finished a split 7” with Ducktails who I appreciate more than I really like (I know that’s borderline heretical round these parts) but good GOD, I am pleased to report that this is a different story.

It seems strange that a Hype Machine search turns up only one result for Julian Lynch, given the billions of inches of enthusiasm currently being given to lo-fi/tropicalia but, well, you read it here first. I don’t even know how you achieve sounds like this in your bedroom; I assume Julian Lynch fed everything through his Faraway pedal, which he hooked up to a Crumbling Wall of Sound stompbox and played through a cool, dry Moonscape amp. Listen, there’s a word for this, and it’s magical.

[Buy Orange You Glad from Julian's MySpace]

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