Thursday, March 12, 2009


So when Max and Richard asked me to start contributing here, it was gonna be mainly about about hip hop. However, they also gave me free reign to also write about whatever I felt like if the mood struck, so ladies gentlemen, I will now attempt to write about another one of my favourite outfits: BROKEN SOCIAL SCENE. Now, it's a pretty broad range of acts and can encompass anything from silly lyrics about being fucked in the ass and drinking semen accompanied with big guitars and an overabundance of drum flourishes, tropical and country tinged folk, melodramatic love songs through to beautifully constructed pop songs about one night stands (accompanied with the best choreography I've ever seen in a video). There's also the synth and guitar heavy strut that Metric bring to the table.

I guess you could say that a lot of people are really looking forward to Fantasies since the band haven't released any new music since 05's Live It Out. However, Metric are a band I have to be careful with sometimes. For the most part, they're great but every now and again the riffs get a little too FM Rock for my liking and the synths can sometimes bring to mind the worst parts of going to a music festival in Sydney during the summer. They're still guilty of doing this during a few moments on Fantasies but for the most part, it's a great record. It's a lot more cohesive than the last one and brings to mind the best moments of Old World Underground and Grow Up & Blow Away. Stadium Love for example is an exercise in awesomeness. The lyrics make me picture Emily, in her own roundabout way, telling you that your band fucking sucks and that she will eat you alive. She'll used the word "like" about fifty times when doing this all while the band plays on a mountain during sunset.

Dear Emily, right now, I love you more than Leslie.


PS I also know you're a pretty mellow gal sometimes so I've thrown in something old, soft and dreamy.

[Metric Myspace]

[Fantasies will be released in April. Buy it from their website.]

[Photo courtesy of Stephanie Luong]

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