Monday, March 02, 2009


OK, firstly, this wasn’t necessarily in the bag for me. Just because it’s Rick Froberg’s new band and he’s previously been in two of my most favourite bands of all time ever, doesn’t mean they couldn’t suck. John Reis’ Night Marchers did.

Happily, friends, this shit is so fucking RIGHT it’s like John McCain twirling around on the spot forever. One thing that was great about Hot Snakes, apart from everything, was that they were like a litmus test for telling if someone legitimately knew their shit. Same goes for Obits. There is nothing in this music that is trendy in any way. Do not attempt to detect any Tropicalia influence, cavernous reverb, synthesisers or any other hot sound the "blogosphere" (<---WEB 2.0 TERMINOLOGY) is losing its shit over right now. In the same way Froberg & Reis turned down the math-rock post-Drive Like Jehu, I Blame You is more accessible still, with hints of classic R’n’B like The Shangri-Las, plus more expected touchstones, such as Television, Neu! and Michael Yonkers.

Rick Froberg is a straight-talkin’ dude and on Obits’ Sub Pop bio page he says (I guarantee you will see this referenced in every article you read about Obits):
“We’re not into innovation as a band. I think innovation is overrated and an overestimated quality. Anything that’s going to be original is going to happen without your control. Things that make your band sound like you are things you wouldn’t be able to change anyway. We just go ahead and play the stuff we like, and we don’t worry about originality per se, because that takes care of itself.”

Shit yeah. I think I might love you, Rick Froberg. I Blame You is out March 24, but pre-ordering scores you a limited edition Obits lenticular card designed by Rick, so why the heck wouldn’t you?

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[Pre-order I Blame You from Sub Pop]


gervin said...

Look, I for one didn't think the Night Marchers record was as shitty as some people make it out to be. As a matter of fact I think there's some solid jams on there. However, yes, this Froberg stuff slays it.

Anonymous said...


max said...

maybe it's too harsh to say the night marchers suck but i've barely listened to the record since it first came out. i'm glad we can agree that obits are much (much) better.