Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Sun Watcher - Untitled II

More more Emeralds' Mark McGuire, this time from a collab with drummer Shane MacKenzie (Lambsbread) joined by second guitarist Zac Davis (Lambsbread/Sky Juice) and it sounds way more scratchy/lens flared than we're used to from his typically cosmic arpeggio-driven odysseys. There's been a lot of stuff recently that's tapped into this amazing sunny/foggy space, always grainy and always at a slight and particular distance (cf. Pocahaunted's Gold Miner's Daughter CS, Ulaan Khol, Hevoset et al, real dense but kind of ethereal somehow). Sun Watcher is strangely pure like that, even if their guitars are a little doomy sometimes, their dusty scrawl feels light and preoccupied with the sky (of course), navigating obliquely with this light sort of improv.

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