Saturday, April 18, 2009


El Michels Affair - Cherchez LaGhost (Ghostface Killah)

El Michels Affair - C.R.E.A.M. (Wu-Tang Clan)

I've had a love affair with Wu-Tang Clan since primary school. Having listened to perhaps nearly their entire catalogue including solo releases, side projects and weed-carrier-related albums (of which there are A LOT) I consider myself somewhat of a Wu-Aficionado. So I'm pretty stoked on these jams. Brooklyn band El Michels Affair have long been turning out cinematic soul/funk music and on past occasions have played as the Wu's live backing band. They've even released a series of 7"s entitled the Shaolin Series, instrumental re-interpretations of classic Wu beats from as far back as '05. Now they're on the verge of releasing Enter The 37th Chamber, an album's worth of goodness.

I honestly couldn't believe some of the songs they chose to cover could be bested over their original forms, even with live instrumentation. I mean, half the charm with the the production was the ruggedness and blunted-out vibe which permeated Wu beats no matter how polished they were. However, listening to these songs fleshed out with live horns, drums and some amazing guitar work, they've proved me wrong. Is it too early to ask for a "Volume 2"?

[El Michels Affair are signed to Truth & Sould Recordings. Peep the MySpace and buy the jams.]

[Buy Enter The 37th Chamber from Fat Beats Records]

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