Friday, April 17, 2009


Brilliant Colors - Highly Evolved

I'm always a sucker for airy jangles and Captured Tracks have got the goods once again with this 7" from Brilliant Colors. Even if their's actually not an enourmous amount of colour it's cool cos they ditch it for controlled Aislers Set-y pop with those only slightly weak vocals a top the chilled jangles that totez reminds me of living in NZ, sitting on my veranda listening to The Verlaines and shit. The B-side has more chug to it but 'Highly Evolved' is lovely and lackadaiscal.

[Buy Highly Evolved 7" from Captured Tracks]

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Todd said...

I absolutely love this group! Please, please post more of their music. Your blog is the only one that has one of their mp3s for download. Thanks!