Friday, April 24, 2009


Curren$y - Star Power

Curren$y (Feat. Fiend) - Coupes & Leers

Scared of Monsters is the lead single from Curren$y's This Ain't No Mixtape and contains some of the most vivid and interesting wordplay I've heard in a while. At first he seems unassuming but it's a great way to win people over: it them with something subtle but clever and before you know it, shit's all wrapped up. By the end, dude pretty much won me over with "And I’ll be damned, nevermind, I put it behind/DeLorean doing 85, I travel through time". And whether they be hard or soft, he flows comfortably on a variety of beats (look no further than his FREE mixtapes for evidence) and that seemingly casual delivery is just a way for him to make it look easy.

Star Power, is a little musical interlude for those who've ever wondered what happens when a rapper scores a Super Mario Bros. Starman. Coupes & Leers can be found on his Fin... mixtape. I've included it as it's just fun hearing him rap over Camp Lo's "Coolie High", an all-time favourite jam of mine. So after years of playing the role of weed carrier to some of New Orleans' more well known luminaries, from various No Limit rappers through to Weezy, I'm more than happy that Curren$y finally took things into his own hands. Forget your mixtape-a-week rappers, support the real.

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