Thursday, April 23, 2009


Real Estate - Atlantic City

Wowwwww, Matt Mondanile's other band transfers Ducktails' homeliness with a slight and distant surf jangle, full of smiley reverb and road trip echos (of course). It's easy to tell this Real Estate track is written by Mondanile, and joined by the lushly imagined terrains of Martin Courtney, Alex Bleeker and Etienne Duguay, there's this different liquidy twee feel in all these guitars and summer instant gratifications and a sort of muted ecstasy, all swimming trunks and lemonade and all that. They've got a nice paradox going on in their name being Real Estate (with all their Magic Eye record covers and sonic dreaminess) because even if these pop songs are cast in a certainly solid type of nostalgia, it feels lifted straight from the imagination; those 'real imaginary places' that Mr Mondanile talks about are in full force.

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