Thursday, April 23, 2009


I know I shouldn't a) follow Fred Durst on Twitter or b) post his Tweets on this blog but I really feel like we can all learn something from his uncompromising 'tude and can-do approach to life.

Like that time about 20 minutes ago when he was like:

@freddurst We need a show called American Metal that searches for the absolute sickest undiscovered metal bands/singers on the planet. I'm waiting.

...I like how he only wants the "absolute sickest" bands on the "planet" for his show called "American Metal". and then how he's like, "I'M WAITING". TAKE NOTICE, PLANET/AMERICA: FRED DURST WANTS SOMETHING AND WILL POST PETULANT TWEETS UNTIL HE GETS IT.

And then like five minutes later:

@freddurst Okay. I'm producing it. Done deal. Stay tuned.


Dave said...

I've started finishing my tweets with exclamations urging people "let's go!" ala Diddy. I think i may've found a new hero though.

Dialtone said...

Bahahah - shit that's a good likeness. Wasn't Rockstar Supernova horrible enough? In saying that, I really hope American Metal becomes a reality.

Anonymous said...

we are so much cooler than fred durst. right guys?