Saturday, April 11, 2009


John Wiese and C. Spencer Yeh - Jungle Jim

I fell off a skateboard onto my left bum/hip and then later on fell off my bicycle onto my right bum/hip so this Easter I'm on the couch watching Comedy Central's endless Two And A Half Men marathon, except I've already seen all of them and I just ate burritos that weren't that great and trying to listen to this new John Wiese release (a collab with C. Spencer Yeh), a scrapey and slurpy bunch of noise compositions that would fit more at home soundtracking Let The Right One In or just dental surgery. It's no gratuitious exercise in ear hurtiness, but that's mostly because it's so texture oriented and those textures come from space, yr mouth, school, moss, the greenhouse, electricity, tombstones. Pretty good.

[John Wiese MySpace]

[C. Spencer Yeh MySpace]

[Buy Cincinnati from Drone Disco (limited to 500 on 'increasingly alientated compact disc form')]

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