Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Repairs - Lottery

This is super claustrophobic and yeah way more Night People than the rest of the latest pop outpour on Captured Tracks (a ridiculously good drop of cassettes and vinyls this March) and from Melbourne, too. Looks like they've only got four songs so far but they're total grey dub/doom kraut w/ slug rhythmics. 'Lottery' is actually pretty chill compared to the other three which are real swirly and disoriented. Wish I still lived in Australia/actually lived in Melbourne as well as Brisbane and Sydney. Actually this sounds way more like it's come from underneath a dusty Queenslander really, kind of weird really cos I assumed this was from Oakland or some other place I've never been, thinking of my own imagined/misplaced context. Really great rusty lo-fi though.

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