Saturday, May 02, 2009


Eat Skull - Stuff Reverse

I interviewed Rob Enbom from Eat Skull (and of Hole Class and The Hospitals, fuck yeah) last week and it is gonna be SO FUN to transcribe cos it's like an hour long BUT way worth it because we talked about buttloads of interesting stuff ie. The Clean vs The Chills (scoop: he likes The Chills more), 'Wavves Suxx'/Psychedelic Horseshit, the world, being old and shit, but yeah, not this new little tour CDR, which is a compilation of their singles that takes inspiration for its name from a Dead C record (and a fkn good one at that) and scorches out their own mutant youth pop in particularly big ways. Anyway, the (lengthy) interview is for articles in Dazed & Confused, Real Groove and Tiny Mix Tapes.

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