Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This is such an amazing clusterfuck of the world’s cheesiest sounds it’s impossible not to love. Dig the 70s wucka-wucka guitars matched up with the intensely 80s synth roto-tom drum fills and hazy 60s vocal breakdowns: it’s like all of the most fun musical parts of a night doing karaoke delivered by a funnier and more charming Debbie Harry. I know, right? The best part is it’s not all about going “Ha ha, check out the bullshit our ancestors thought was cool,” which is good for me, because I’d hate to like a song that was pointless ironic pastiche. It also packs a mega burnin’ tune and some secretly badass guitarwork at the end, check it out. Fucking boss, Bachelorette.

[Bachelorette MySpace]

[My Electric Family out May 30 through Mistletone]

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Nick said...

She's the most moody live performer I have ever seen. I've lost patience now, she needs to enjoy herself rather than acting like she doesn't want to be on stage.