Thursday, May 14, 2009


Honestly, if this song was turning it on any more I would be a ridiculous fucking bawling mess. Shit, Cass McCombs. How much more fucking pretty do you want to be? I’m pretty definite there’s rules against this kind of shit, especially if you already have the wistful reverb-heavy thang nailed harder than a Texas railroad sleeper. The major 50s pop influence that’s all over the melody, lyrics, guitar licks, fuck, everything, only makes things worse. It’s about fairness, Cass McCombs. Think about the consequences. And please – if you’re going to force all of us to spontaneously slick our hair back, whip on the dungarees and ride down to the sock hop in our dads’ jalopies, do not fuck our shit up by getting Karen Black to double your vocals in the last verse. That is a weird fucking pop culture reference. I don’t care if she’s like a more tragic Marianne Faithfull, keep her out of it.

I love this song.

[Cass McCombs MySpace]

[Catacombs released June 1. Pre-order from Domino]


Anonymous said...

nic said...

i like the karen black thing!

Michaella said...

i just love this song! it is the prettiest and the sweetest. but the video is so so awful. such a shame! but he has to be one of America's most underrated