Monday, May 25, 2009


I've had the shittiest of weeks. Last Sunday I received what would be considered the emotional equivalent of a castration and for most of last week, I was not so dissimilar to a fucking corpse walking around the house. I kept going by simply immersing myself in music as a distraction. I hit up all my staples for comfort but most of it was short-lived. I needed something that would soothe but at the same time give me a sense of catharsis. Enter Scream With Me. David Pajo is THAT guy. Dude's amazing at pretty much everything he puts his hand to and now he's bringing us a collection of super lo-fi acoustic Misfits covers. And it's gorgeous. This could've easily wound up as some sort of cringe-worthy effort in another's hands but Dave's straddled that fine line of interpreting Danzig's brutal, borderline-goth lyrics atop delicate chord structures. Oh, sweet catharsis.

[Pajo MySpace]

[Scream With Me is a limited to 1000, vinyl-only release available from Black Tent Press.]


michael pulsford said...

The last time I was in the horrible state you describe none of the music I usually listen to helped at all. I ended up listening to Back In Black over and over and over for a few days, loud, while I shook my head and threw things in boxes. Hope the shit doesn't last too long, glad you found songs that help. And yeah: this one is particularly fine. Is the whole album this good?

gervin said...


I think the whole album is amazingly good. It was actually quiet hard picking a favourite to post but considering just how differently he re-interpreted the original, I had to go with it. Next to Castles' "Hjem", it's probably my favourite off-kilter/acoustic record of the year.