Monday, May 25, 2009


Es - Ennen Oli Huonommin

This new Es LP combines spacey synths with more handspun guitar and piano sounds for probably his most realized solo release yet, exploring immersive harsh ambience with a whole lot of colour. It's total morning stuff and super slithery in a euphoric red matter sort of way, encasing those woods in a geodesic dome. It's true that you'll be fucked trying to pronounce/tell anyone about this record but the name translates to “The Children Of Summerland”. Pretty apt given the sun-in-eyes vibrancy of this whole thing, super shimmery and delicate but with that particular Finnish gnarlyness underneath. Apparently there's some new Tomutonttu stuff on the way as well but for now Es silver slopes slot right into the sun.

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richard marks said...

i thought es was a dude? shit

richard said...

LOL major screw up
i am a jerk