Tuesday, May 19, 2009


LoJ - In The Lab With LoJ

To be honest, any rapper flipping the theme to The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air would've gotten my attention. However, LoJ did such a bang up job that I was compelled to try and get my hands on pretty much anything else he had recorded. And while sifting through preview tracks from his upcoming Theme Music mixtape as well as his largely overlooked 07 debut No Labels, I saw a rapper that was seemingly taking it back to the days of Native Tongues, Organized Konfusion, Brand Nubian and the like while still keeping the shit decidedly fresh. Think of NY in the 90s, slap some Nike SBs on it, add a degree and you're getting close to LoJ's vibe.

[LoJ MySpace]

[Theme Music Vol. 1 will be dropping in the near future. Til then, buy No Labels via iTunes.]

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